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So, you want the details, right?

I like to keep things simple.

I don't know about you, but when I'm given too many options -- I freeze.  Indecision takes over and I call that, "Option overload."

My starting fee is $99 dollars and goes up from there. 
I've tried to establish set pricing parameters, but every person's wants and needs are different.  I urge you to give me a call and we'll discuss your purpose or vision for photos and we can nail it down until we're both happy.

 What's your desired genre?  Do you want Senior portraits, Lifestyle, or Headshots? Are you seeking wedding and engagement photos? Maybe  you simply want Christmas family photos or Christening photos.  ( See, I am game for anything -- even if I don't list it here).

Other considerations:  Second shooter, video, or drone footage?  How many images do you ultimately want? Where is your desired location? Do you have more than one location in mind? Costume or wardrobe changes?

Yes, I am happy to shoot for commercial purposes -- just let me know how I can serve you.

My goal is for you to be thrilled and happy with your photos - no matter what -- and for the experience to be enjoyable.

I offer framed or frame-able art prints, albums, and folio boxes. If there are additional products you would like with images, I will do whatever it takes to find them for you. An online gallery will be available to view with Lo-res downloads for web use.

I welcome any friend or helper you'd like to come along with you to your photo session, but please, only one additional person.

Also, if you are booking Headshots or Senior Portrait sessions, I offer a 10% discount per person if you bring a friend or two along.  I am wary of available light, so depending on the time of day we shoot, location, and wardrobe changes I may not always be able to offer this option.

I do not offer raw files, nor will I relinquish "all the images" on a flash drive, etc.  Though I will not publish without your permission, I own the copyright.  (However, I go back-and-forth on this subject -- I see both sides and am willing to politely discuss).  My concern is, that after you receive a flash drive of photos, the photos will never, ever, ever be printed, and all those images and memories will melt away in an attic somewhere. So darned sad...

I ask (please) that we get together for coffee, tea, or possibly beer to discuss your photos, locations, wardrobe, and makeup prior to booking the session.  I want to get to know you and vice-versa.  It is important for you to feel comfortable, confident, and excited for your photo session as well as prepared and ready.  Photo sessions should be FUN!

Call me, write me, text me! 

I'm excited to meet you!



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