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Hello Beautiful Souls!

~ 30 years ago, My husband and I eloped on a sweltering hot night in July at exactly 11:30 p.m. -- in Las Vegas.   (LINK to POST)


Trust me when I say this, the photographs and video we have from our wedding are beyond priceless.  We only have a few photos from that night and D.I.Y. VHS* video captured by the Vegas "Little White Chapel" wedding officiant herself. 

Still, I'm grateful for what we have. But it is equally precious for our children and maybe someday our grandchildren.  I'm glad they can see who their folks once were, that we were young, beautiful and handsome, full of dreams, and just as smart and clever as they are!  ; ) (Not clever enough to consider a photographer, grrrrr, but Oh Well.)  As I said, I am grateful for what I have. These luscious documented memories give a perspective of life that would not otherwise be known. 


Mostly, for our kids, my husband and me, it's great for happy tears and laughs!  (The HAIR! ) >>>>> see pics!

When we married, we didn't know how much photos and videos would matter to us later in life.  Recently, a cousin sent us a short amateur video someone captured at an "after we eloped" party.  It is the only document of the day I have.  I made certain to copy and send it to duplicate hard drives and to our kids for preservation's sake. 


If I had only known then...

But you know.  You won't regret turning pages of your album, gazing up at the framed moment of your spouse and you as you kiss, or watching a touching moment on film of your wedding day with your children or grandchildren. 


You'll be amazed at how the time has flown -- and likely a bit choked up. :`)

Even if you choose someone else not me to be the one to capture your memories -- Do it!   Get copies of the Video. Get Prints, Albums, and Framed art of your beautiful day, and your incredible, blessed life.  Not only will your children and grandchildren be grateful you documented the day with care and honor, but You will be glad you did for many years to come.  God bless you and your beautiful future.

Remember to Love always and always,

Patti  <3

It is truly a once-in-a-lifetime moment.

Cherish it always.

* VHS- "video home system"  Analog tape developed in 1976


Inside our room at Caesar's Palace:  Morning after our wedding.  We were up all night, and finally toasting with cheap champagne and a small wedding cake.
No, I did not marry "Slash" from Guns-N-Roses.  It just looks that way.  :)

Roughly, 30 years ago, 12:30 a.m. outside Little White Chapel, Las Vegas.  The limo cost extra.  :)

Our gathered wedding party for a quick elopement:  Ben Miller, Jackie Obradors, Steve Peragine, Linda Thomas, Me and Jon <3.  This pic taken inside Little White Chapel.  I still can't tan unless it comes in a bottle.

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